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Skilled personnel are the most important element of any company.

Employees represent their firm at every level. As an employer you invest time and money into selecting the most desirable candidates, it makes sense to retain them!

It is reported that in some sectors 43% of employees complain of lacking opportunity for growth. Their potential remains unrealised.

Our training experts have developed talent retention strategies that maximise employee productivity through boosting morale, company loyalty and work ethic, resulting in a decrease in staff turnover, increased employee motivation and a thriving working environment, an investment that no business can afford to be without.’

Monique Choudhuri, Head of Staff Development for Advance leads a team of internationally accredited, highly experienced training consultants, all of whom provide our clients with unique, individual techniques in employee and business development solutions.

Our professional training service provides a bespoke, holistic approach to forward thinking companies, developing the skills of your workforce from trainee to managing director, increasing your bottom line and putting you ahead of your competitors.

We don’t just supply your staff; we make sure you retain them!

Our Process

Cultural Analysis

Each business is unique; we take the time to understand your company ethos, values, culture and vision for the future, your client relationships as well as current and expected staff skill level.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

We interview your employees to get to know their working practices, daily objectives, targets, aims and colleague relationships. This enables us to clearly define staff strengths and weaknesses, pin point opportunities to capitalise, enhance existing skills and manage certain areas of business more effectively.

Programme Creation and Design

The results of the TNA will ascertain the specific levels of skills and values needed to meet your business targets, allowing us to strategically devise bespoke training courses or coaching sessions to improve your business.


We will deliver your training solutions, working meticulously to engage and involve your staff via our interactive approach.


Finally, an accurate assessment/measurement of aims and objectives will be undertaken to ensure that the objectives were met and that maximum return on investment is accomplished in line with your business objectives.

To book a free training consultation or for further information on how we can assist your business please contact advance- TRS on 01483 361 061 or email

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